C310Q Frontal Side View
C310Q Frontal Side View

C310Q Side View
C310Q Side View

C310Q Interior View
C310Q Interior View

C310Q Frontal Side View
C310Q Frontal Side View

1970 Cessna 310Q 5Y-AMX

Last Flight: 13th June 1979


S/N : 310Q-0130

TT Airframe: 3000: 20 hours 

Airframe since last C.of A. (Renewal on 14th June 1978): 181:10 hours


Engine Stbd. (RH): Continental IO-470-VO 

S/N: 148941-VO

Since new: 8030 hrs

Since complete o/h: 153:30 hrs.

Engine Port (LH): Continental IO-470-VO 

S/N: 148939-VO

Since new: 8025 hrs

Since complete o/h: 148:30 hrs.


Stbd: McCauley 3AF32C87, 3 blades    

S/N: 704109  

Since new:      2961:35 hrs.

Since complete O/H: 569:05 hrs.

Port: McCauley 3AF32C87, 3 blades 

S/N: 702207   1970

Since new:        2961:35 hrs.

Since complete O/H:  569:05 hrs.


LH: P/N 0823362-1, alternate no. FCE 51693

RH: P/N 0823362-2, alternate no. FCE 51694

(from Parts Catalogue, Sammy, May 09) 


This aircraft had come out from a complete rebuilt and fresh paint lots of new parts went into it (incl. all windows and windshields are new) but now needs work to make it fly again. It is being sold ''as is, where is'' Aircraft has always been hangar'd and all documentation complete and available.